ViaOral selectie:

2018 Ontwerp 1e fase herinrichting Stationsplein Enschede
2018 From the Vault, live cinema show Sickhouse Enschede
2017 Video-installation performanceBar WORM, TEC ART Rotterdam
2016 Mega Gettoblast, a/v LED sculptures Kruisplein, Witte de Withstraat, Rotterdam
2015 coverfoto cyberroman PLANET PARADROID, TEC ART Rotterdam
2015 Tron-rematic, Sublime Landscapes in Gaming, installatie Rijksmuseum Twenthe
2015 End OfHumanRace, Installation + mega banner TEC ART Rotterdam
2014  Centre piece / installatie in Fenixloods TEC ART 2014
2013 ChapmanMashUp, installation, Rijksmuseum Twenthe
2013 EU Refugee Shelter, Twente Biennale
2011 Tokyo live A.V. live performance in Supper Club Roppongi
2011 AiWeiWei tribute, installation Twente Biennale
2011 ArabSpring Toyota Mobile Missile launcher, Twente Biennale
2010 Bang Cock! a Sex Odyssey. Video report from Bangkok. Uncensored version produced for WORLD EXPO SHANGHAI 2010. (banned)
2010 PLANETART One Minute Series NR 15 ViaOral>Cyborgmashup
2010 Kunstvlaai Award gashouder Amsterdam, with performance installation ft Neverporn Extravaganza (Ru)
2009 AtomPunk, mix media installation Twente Biennale Hengelo